Monday, October 20, 2014

October 2014 Meeting Notes

We started off the October meeting with Tolling the Boats lost in October, followed by birthday wishes for our members, officer reports, and introductions.

Our Storekeeper let us know the 2015 USSVI calendars are available for $10. This year’s calendar focuses on nuclear powered fast attack submarines from USS Nautilus (SSN-571) to USS Minnesota (SSN-783). It also includes a photo montage of early 20th Century submarines and post-WWII non-nuclear attack submarines.
USSVI 2015 Calendar
Also, don’t forget that Seattle Base members are allowed to wear the Golden Anchor Award patch, which can be purchased from the Base Storekeeper for $4. Money from items purchased through the Base Storekeeper go to fund Seattle Base events throughout the year.

Old and New Business:
New Senior Vice Commander – Last month Art Thompson submitted his resignation submitted as Senior Vice Commander for personal reasons. We hope he soon will return as a contributing member of our Base. In the meantime, Base Commander Dick Gonzalez has appointed John Roberts to the position. John has done a wonderful job with our annual Tolling the Boats ceremony and Kaps for Kids program, and we know he will be an excellent Senior Vice Commander.
John Roberts being sworn in as Seattle Base Sr. Vice Commander

Seattle Base Christmas Luncheon – The Seattle Base Christmas Luncheon is set for Saturday December 20 at the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club. The doors will open at 10 am and we will finish up at 2 pm. The Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club is located at 9927 Meydenbauer Way SE, Bellevue WA and there will be ample parking in the lower parking lot near the club. You can get download and print a registration form from this link There will also be a copy in the upcoming newsletter.

Auburn Veterans Day – We will be participating in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade on Saturday November 8. The parade starts at 11 am and we’ll need to be in place around 10 am. Our staging area is near L Street. We will send out reminders with more information as the parade gets closer. Please pass the word to all your members so they can plan on making this one of the largest Sub Vet turn outs yet.

Mark Your Calendar – John Roberts reported that we have reserved the Kirkland Marina Park Pavilion for August 15, 2015 for the 2015 Tolling the Boats ceremony. Be sure to pencil it in on your calendar.

October Program: 
Keith Watson preparing his presentation
This month’s program was a presentation by former Base Commander Keith Watson on American Submarines before 1900. Keith started out talking about the sub Turtle which tried to launch attacks on the Royal Navy in 1775 during the American War for Independence. He went on to talk about submarine developments during the American Civil War, including the Union’s Alligator and Confederate H.L. Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy warship. Keith also talked about other submarine firsts from Civil War subs; including snorkels, diver lock-out chambers. Keith continued with information about attempts to build submarines in the late 1800s, including early submarine efforts by John Holland and Simon Lake. It was interesting program with lots of information about early American submarine efforts.

Good of the Order:
Don Ulmer wanted to let us know that efforts to move the USS Clamagore to Knoxville Tennessee are moving forward. He thought there were lots of encouraging signs from the local organizer and community. You can follow developments on Facebook at:

In recognition of all the programs they have put on or helped out with, Seattle Base Commander Dick Gonzalez presented Ric Hedman, Dave Schueler, and Keith Watson each with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 2014 Meeting Reminder


The next Seattle Base meeting is this coming Wednesday, October 15. We will meet at VFW Post #2995 (4330 148th Ave N.E., Redmond WA 98052). Social hour starts at 6 PM with business meeting at 7PM.
Alligator being lowered into the water, by Jim Christley
For the October program, former Base Commander Keith Watson will provide a presentation on American Submarines before 1900. Keith has invested a great deal of time and energy producing almost a dozen similar and engaging topics over the years and we're looking forward to his presentation.

We hope to see you at the meeting.

Dick Gonzalez
USSVI Seattle Base Commander

Friday, October 3, 2014

Commander's Corner for October 2014


I hope your autumn is off to a great start. This unusual summer gave me no excuse not to paint and do some of the outside work on this old house. Now I am glad I did it and can move on.

In the meantime, the September 17th meeting was eventful, highlighted by the presentation of several prestigious awards that were announced at the National Convention. We are gratified by their selection process recognizing a several of our own shipmates including the Seattle Base as the recipient of the “Golden Anchor Award”. Specific award winners are:

Patrick Householder received a well-deserved individual “Meritorious Award.” The Meritorious Award is presented to a Base member that exemplifies the Motto “Pride Runs Deep” and promotes a positive image of the US Submarine Force. Pat, well done!

Donald Ulmer received the “Robert Link National Commanders Award.” The award nomination process is initiated at the Base level, what better acknowledgment than that of his own shipmates. Don’s was the recipient of the award because of his lifetime of achievements, contributions to the USSVI, and its core values.

Dave Schueler received the “Second Runner up Award” for his outstanding work on a newsletter. The responsibility for editing, maintaining, and obtaining material germane to our interests can be a daunting task. We appreciate Dave’s commitment and service to our membership and are gratified he was recognized for the shipmate he is.

Concluding the award ceremony, Pat Householder presented our Seattle Base with the “Golden Anchor Award.” This award recognizes the Base for criteria such as development of programs, raising public awareness, etc. In my opinion, the most predominant reason we are the recipients of the “Golden Anchor Award” is a committed membership. To all of you who made this possible well done.

As you may have heard, Art Thompson submitted his resignation as Senior Vice Commander. We are saddened by this and hope he soon will return as a contributor and respected member of our Base.

In the meantime we are challenged to fill Art’s post. The position of Senior Vice Commander is crucial to the continuing success of this Base and therefore filling it should be considered a priority. It should not be difficult to do in light of an abundance of resourceful, experienced, and able members. During the next meeting we are initiating a special election and will seek to nominate someone to take on Art’s former post.

We encourage you to give serious consideration to this need and think about someone to recommend for filling this post. Perhaps you will self-nominate or influence someone to step forward.

On a positive note let me welcome Chris Stratman as one of our newest members and look forward to sharing our place in the community with him. In addition, we also welcome Bill Thompson who has just rendered his application for an associate membership.

Will Rogers 1879-1935 once said: 
Even if you are the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. 

Dick Gonzalez
Seattle USSVI Base Commander

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 2014 Meeting Notes

The September meeting had a full agenda with lots to cover. We started off the September meeting with Tolling the Boats lost in September, followed by birthday wishes for our members, officer reports, and introductions.

Old and New Business
Seattle Base Tolling the Boats Ceremony – The Tolling the Boats ceremony and picnic was a big success. We want to thank everyone that helped make out. Special thanks go out to John Roberts for organizing the event and Lois Mezek for working with the special guests. Lois also read letters from the guests thanking us for their inclusion in the ceremony.

Cabela's Weekend – Doug Abramson told us about another good weekend at Cabela's Tulalip store. He also passed along Cabela's thanks for our efforts.

2014 Holiday Luncheon – This year's Holiday Luncheon is set for December 20 at the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club. The club recently finished renovating its kitchen, so we are looking forward to a good lunch there. Details on the menu, prices, and time will be available soon.

National Awards – Seattle Base and a number of base members were earned USSVI National Awards this year and we were able to distribute them during the September meeting. First up, Seattle Base earned the Golden Anchor Award for large bases (bases with 100 or more members). 
Seattle Base Commander Dick Gonzales accepts the award on behalf of Seattle Base
This award is presented to one Base in each class that best demonstrated a leading role in developing and promoting creative membership renewals, and has developed successful recruiting tools, programs and ideas. Winning this award allows Seattle Base members to wear the Golden Anchor Award patch. Patches can be purchased from the Base Storekeeper for $4.

Next, Pat Householder was presented with an individual Meritorious Award. This award is presented to a Member or Base that exemplifies the Motto, “Pride Runs Deep “, who, by the efforts and involvement of an individual Base Member, or if a Base Award, by a group of Members within a base, promote a positive image of the US Navy Submarine Force and/or the US Submarine Veterans through participation in local Veteran affairs, parades, school activities, and presentations to Civic, legislative, Veterans, patriotic, and other local area organizations.
Pat Householder accepts his Meritorious Award
Next, Don Ulmer was presented with a Robert Link National Commander's Award. This award is the USSVI version of a “Letter of Commendation” from the National Commander.
Don Ulmer accepts his Robert Link Award
Finally, Dave Schueler was presented with the Newsletter of the Year, First Runner Up Award.
Dave Schueler accepts the Newsletter Award
Good of the Order:
Annual Dues are coming soon - Annual members are reminded that annual dues are coming up at the end of the year. In addition to paying annually, there other options. Be sure to talk with Pat Householder or Jim Harper about what would work best for you.

Earl Greening let us know that he participated in a recent Salmon for Soldiers event, where he took several wounded soldiers out for salmon fishing. He said he had a great time with this worthy event and recommended the program to anyone that has a boat.

Robert Shay, from VFW Post #2995, provided us with information about a project to restore a memorial to the Bellevue soldiers that died during World War I. Seattle Base will be donating $150 to the effort. If you would like to donate or get more information about project, contact Robert at 206-478-0505.

Lois Mezek, with help from several base members, provided a short explanation on POW-MIA Recognition Day, which is always the third Friday of September.
The Empty Setting to remember POWs and MIAs
September Program:
This month's program, by base member Dave Schueler, was on the Imperial Japanese Navy's submarine force during World War 2.
Dave Schueler taking questions at the end of the program
The program gave a brief history of the Japanese submarine force from its start in 1905 to the beginning of World War 2. Then covered Japanese strategy, the submarines available at the start of the war, followed by Japanese submarine operations during World War 2, and information on what the Japanese could have done differently. After the presentation, Dave answered questions and provided some more background about the Japanese forces. It was an enjoyable program that provided some good information about a little known aspect of World War 2.

Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 USSVI Award Winners and Election Results

Here are the results of the 2014 USSVI National Election and Awards. It is a long list and we want to congratulate all the winners.

First up are the 2014 USSVI Award Winners.
Joe Negri Award : Dennis P. Gilbert Redfish Base

District Commander of the Year: James Irwin Albany Saratoga Base

Robert Link National Commander’s Award: (recipients are listed alphabetically)
Edwin F. ‘ Bud ‘ Atkins Groton Base
O. Gordon Banks Tarheel Base
John C. Barr Razorback Base
Donald D. Bassler Bremerton Base
Daryl E. Brock Bonefish Base
Orem A. ‘ Soupy ‘ Campbell Nautilus Base
Joseph H. Clark Nathanael Greene Base
Tomas M. Conlon New Jersey North Base
Daniel K. Craw Tang Base
James R. Denzien Perch Base
Amos Goldsberry Cuttlefish Base
Kenneth C. Henry San Diego Base
Norm Hosking Cuttlefish Base
Gilbert F. Houston Cuttlefish Base
Gene E. Kellar Rocky Mountain Base
Charles T. Key Tang Base
Charles J. Mueller Rhode Island Base
Michael M. Munhall Groton Base
Richard N. Nelson Cowtown Base
Richard M. “Ozzie” Osentoski P. C Stryker Jr Base
John F. Rupertus Carolina Piedmont Base
Thomas M. Russell Groton Base
Robert E. Saenz Hampton Roads Base
John S. Starbird, Jr. Maine Base
Kenneth L. Tupman USS Chicago Base
Donald M. Ulmer Seattle Base
Raymond M. Ward Cuttlefish Base
Richard J. Williamson Chesapeake Base

Meritorious Award (Individual)
Charles J. Mueller Rhode Island Base
 Patrick F. Householder Seattle Base
Leonard D. Stefanelli Mare Island Base

Meritorious Award (Base)
USS Chicago Base
Carolina Piedmont Base
Albany-Saratoga Base

Golden Anchor Award
Class One - Seattle Base
Class Two - Central Texas Base
Class Three - South Florida Base
Class Four - USS Asheville Base

Silver Anchor Award
Frederick Weilminster Razorback Base
Alan D. Cole Mare Island Base
Thomas S. Beach USS Asheville Base

Ben Bastura Award
Leonard L. Hill Iowa Base

Newsletter Awards 
Class I Charleston Base -- Torpedo Alley
Class II Carolina Piedmont Base -- Piedmont Periscope
Class III Coastal Carolina Base -- The Below Decks Watch
Class IV Polaris Base -- Polaris Fire

Overall Winner -- Carolina Piedmont Base – Piedmont Periscope

Here are the election results for 2014 from USSVI Elections Master Tom Conlon. We had 2174 members vote in this year’s election (a 17% turnout).

National Officers 
National Commander: 
Al Singleman 1188 Votes 55%
Wayne Standerfer 941 Votes 43%
Elected: Al Singleman

National Senior Vice-Commander (Unopposed)
John Markiewicz 2045 Votes 94%
Elected: John Markiewicz

National Junior Vice-Commander (Unopposed)
William Andrea 2055 Votes 95%
Elected: Wiliam Andrea

National Treasurer
Paul Hiser 1095 Votes 50%
Byron Stratton 973 Votes 45%
Elected: Paul Hiser

National Secretary
Harold Kenneth Recoy 958 Votes 44%
Raymond Paul Wewers 1104 Votes 51%
Elected: Raymond Paul Wewers

Regional Directors
Northeast Region Director (Unopposed)
Michael Naughton 427 Votes 97%
Elected: Michael Naughton

Southeast Regional Director
Diederick (Dick) E. Kanning 336 Votes 61%
Brian Steffen 210 Votes 38%
Elected: Diederick (Dick) Kanning

Central Region Director
David L. Farran 311 Votes 52%
James A. Fox 276 Votes 47%
Elected: David L. Farran

Western Region Director (Unopposed)
Robert J. Bissonnett 432 Votes 98%
Elected: Robert J. Bissonnett Proposed

PA 2014-1: Amends USSVI Constitution Article XII, Section 1 (Conventions). Requires two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes cast to pass (greater than 66%).
YES 1486 Votes 68%
NO 688 Votes 32%
The Proposed Amendment is adopted

PA 2014-2: Amends USSVI Constitution Article XI, Section 1 and USSVI Bylaws, Article V, Sections 2 and 5 (Prerequisites and Duties for National Senior Vice-Commander and National Treasurer). Requires two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes cast to pass (greater than 66%).
YES 1860 Votes 86%
NO 314 Votes 14%
The Proposed Amendment is adopted

PA 2014-3: Amends USSVI bylaws Article V, Section 3 (Duties of National Junior Vice-Commander). Requires a simple majority of votes cast to pass.
YES 1957 Votes 90%
NO 217 Votes 10%
The Proposed Amendment is adopted

PA 2014-4: Amends USSVI Bylaws Article VI, Section 18 (Disciplinary Committee). Requires a simple majority of votes cast to pass.
YES 1951 Votes 90%
NO 223 Votes 10%
The Proposed Amendment is adopted

PA 2014-5: Amends USSVI Bylaws Article XVI (Policies and Procedures Manual). Requires a simple majority of votes cast to pass.
YES 1712 Votes 79%
NO 462 Votes 21%
The Proposed Amendment is adopted

PA 2014-9: Clarify Process for New Business at National General Business Meeting. Requires a simple majority of votes cast to pass.
YES 1959 Votes 90%
NO 215 Votes 10%
The Proposed Amendment is adopted

Please join me in congratulating our new National Officers. We wish them a successful tenure in their new offices.

I want to thank National Commander Michael Bircumshaw for appointing me as USSVI Election Master. I also want to thank NE District 2 Commander/NJ North Base Commander Les Altschuler for his invaluable assistance in tallying the vote. Thanks, too, to Les’s wife Joyce Altschuler for her hospitality and “patience” while Les and I were “camped out” in his computer space and at their summer campground.

Tom Conlon, PNC
USSVI Elections Master

Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 2014 Meeting Reminder


The next Seattle Base meeting is this coming Wednesday, September 17. We will meet at VFW Post #2995 (4330 148th Ave N.E., Redmond WA 98052). Social hour starts at 6 PM with business meeting at 7PM.

The meeting has a full agenda of items to cover and we hope you will attend, as it will be eventful.

Some of the items on the agenda include: updates on the Christmas Lunch at the Meydenbauer Yacht Club, several speakers offering items of interest, the USSVI Convention, and National Awards recognizing some of our own base members.
Our main speaker will be Dave Schueler with a presentation on the Japanese Submarine Force during WWII. Dave has a special talent for offering great material and superb graphics.

We look forward to a great meeting.

Dick Gonzalez
USSVI Seattle Base Commander

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September - October Dolphin Brotherhood Posted

The September – October issue of the Dolphin Brotherhood has been posted to the Seattle Base website.
Memorial wreath from the Seattle Base Tolling ceremony at the Submarine Veterans plaque in Tahoma National Cemetery. Photo by Lois Mezek
This issue has photos from the Seattle Base’s summer events (Smokey Point, Kirkland parade, and Tolling ceremony) a nice article from Ric Hedman of, along with the usual base news and other submarine related articles.

Hardcopies of the newsletter are in the mail. I hope you all enjoy it.

As always, don't forget to check back here on the blog for base updates and other articles of interest. You can find old issues of the newsletter at: Dolphin Brotherhood Archives, which is also a link on the right side of the blog.

Dave Schueler
Seattle Base Newsletter Editor