Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parade Reminder

I just wanted to post a quick reminder about the Kirkland Independence Day Parade on the 4th of July.

We are planning on meeting at the same location as last year, at Heritage Hall at the corner of Central and Market Street. To get there, you take Exit 18 off of 405, head west, that’s Central Street. Follow Central until you reach Market and turn right to find parking at Heritage Park.

USSVI and the VFW are the only Military groups this year so let's everyone try and be at this fun event.

It is recommended that we show up between 10:15 and 10:30 am. The Children's Parade starts at 11:30 am and the main parade starts at noon.

For more information about the parade you can contact any of the Seattle Base Officers or check the parade's website.

Monday, June 28, 2010

July - August Dolphin Brotherhood Posted

The July-August 2010 issue of the Dolphin Brotherhood has been posted on the Seattle Base website.

This issue has information about the upcoming Independence Day Parade in Kirkland, pictures from the Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade, pictures from the Tahoma Memorial Day ceremony, and a nice story from Don Ulmer about his days on the K-1; along with the usual base news/events and other submarine related articles.

You can click the link to the right of just click here for a direct link to the newsletter.

I'm hoping to get the hardcopies out in the next couple of days (they are at the printer right now). I hope you all enjoy it.

Dave Schueler
USSVI Seattle Base Newsletter Editor

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Picnic Invitation

Western District 4 Commander John Mansfield sent out the following picnic invitation from the crew of USS Connecticut (SSN-22). If you are interested in attending, contact John ASAP. His contact information is at the bottom of his message.


I've been in contact with Ryan Austin of USS Connecticut (SSN-22) who says the boat is having a picnic on Friday July 9th and he wanted to invite us SubVets to attend.

When: Friday July 9th 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Bremerton Naval Base Ball Field (not Bangor)

Please RSVP to me so that I can give him a head count so they'll know how much extra food to order. In your RSVP to me, Please provide the last 4 digits of your SSN to put on the list that will be sent to Ryan for security gate entry.

He'd like some of us to get up a softball team to play against the 'girls' (women) at the Bremerton Base ball field. So dust off your gloves and warm up those muscles for an afternoon of fun. It should be fun, even if you don't play softball. It's a chance to get out and mingle with the crew, families and friends.

It should be an afternoon of fun for the whole family.

I'm also in the process of organizing a tour of the boat, but it will be after they return from their upcoming patrol this fall.

John Mansfield
South Sound Base PAO
WD4 Commander
Cell: 253-202-6433
Home: 360-569-0507

Update from John: I've had four replies for attending so far. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Couple Updates

I wanted to test out a new look for the blog. So I've added a photo of USS Bonefish (SS-223) to the blog header. Bonefish is the memorial submarine for the state of Washington and was sunk on June 18, 1945.

Let me know if you like the photo. I am thinking of trying a few others, but I thought I'd start with Bonefish.

Also, I wanted to pass along a TV programing note:

21st Century Stealth Sub

Countless movies and novels have fictionalized the secret brotherhood of the submariner. But few of us outside this close-knit community ever get to witness what really goes on deep beneath the ocean waves. Take an unprecedented journey with the US Navy's latest weapon in the global fight against terrorism: the SSGN or 'guided missile submarine.' National Geographic Channel joins Captain Randy Crites and the crew of the USS Florida as they engage in a covert Joint Operations mission with Special Forces: sneaking Navy SEALs on to shore to identify a terrorist target, and taking it out with guided missiles - fired from the submarine itself.

Get an in-depth look at the technology that allows this sub to go deeper, remain submerged longer, and stay quieter than previous generations of submarines.
And witness the secret weapons that lay hidden within her hull, allowing her to enable Special Forces deployments anywhere, anytime. This is a new weapon for a new war.

Come aboard as National Geographic takes a ride on the 21st Century Stealth Sub. The program airs Thursday June 24 at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kirkland Independence Day Parade

The Seattle Base is planing on participating in the Kirkland Independence Day parade on the 4th of July. Once again Kirkland is going all out this year for military personnel. We will again be given a carnation, snacks and water before the event, plus be one of the featured entries in the parade.

Everyone that has been at the last two parades will remember the warm welcome we received not only from the officials of the city, but from the by-standers who lined the parade route. If you have not ridden/marched in a parade before, this is a great one to participate in.

It is recommended that we show up by 10:30 am. The Children's Parade starts at 11:30 am and the main parade starts at noon.

We will meet in the same location as last year, at Heritage Hall at the corner of Central and Market Street. To get there, you take Exit 18 off of 405, head west, that’s Central Street. Follow Central until you reach Market and turn right to find parking at Heritage Park.

USSVI and the VFW are the only Military groups this year so let's everyone try and be at this fun event

For more information about the parade you can contact any of the Seattle Base Officers or check the parade's website.

Bob Opple
Silent Service Motorcycle Club

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Binnacle List Update


There were a few updates to the binnacle list at last night's meeting.

Ted Taylor, is experiencing body chemistry problems. He was wacked out for a couple days, due to the imbalance, but is back to his old self. The nursing staff has asked us to give them a break by calling and/or visiting. He would love to hear from you. He will probably be held captive for a few more days, so if you can't stop by cards, flowers, etc. are an alternative.

He is currently at : Virginia Mason Hospital, Room 1577 Bed #1, 925 Seneca, Seattle, WA 98101. Phone: (206) 624-1144

Tom Rice, nearly 95, took a bad fall in his yard. Nothing broken, but he is all taped up and resting at home.

Schell Harmon is recovering from his stroke and appreciates all the well wishes from USSVI.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June Meeting Announcement

Hi USSVI Shipmates,

June's Seattle base meeting is this Wednesday, June 16th. The meeting starts at 7 PM with shipmates showing up around 6 PM for sea stories and food and drink upstairs. Topics for the meeting include: the July 4th parade in Kirkland, the Tolling of the Boats in August, and the USSVI National elections. There will be some sharing of information about a little known group of US submarines that were designed to meet special requirements. How they fared and what happened to them.
Hope to see you there!

Keith Watson
Commander, Seattle Base USSVI

Sunday, June 13, 2010

USSVI Virtual Museum

USSVI has established a online virtual museum on Facebook.

USSVI Virtual Museum

The site features links to submarine related subjects along with thirty-seven photo albums of sub bases, weapons, other museum sites, boat interior photos, sub art, base floats, cartoons and more.

You should be able to view all the information and photos even if you don't belong to Facebook. But Facebook members can leave comments on the Wall and that is where updates are posted.

The photo albums are accessible by clicking the Photo button at the top or by clicking here Museum Photo Albums.

The virtual museum is a work in progress, so drop back often, and suggestions for improvement are always welcomed.

Submitting Photos for the virtual museum: If you have photos you would like considered for the museum site, please email them to and be sure identify the boat, compartment, year, etc. so the photo can be properly marked.

Also on Facebook, check out the USSVI Submarine Veterans National Office page, to see pictures of the office and the subvet volunteers who work there, and our US Submarine Veterans Charitable Foundation" page. There are numerous Facebook pages for USSVI bases as well.

Friday, June 11, 2010

More Election Information

In each on-line election season there will be members who, for various reasons, cannot vote using the on-line tool.

To accommodate these shipmates, there is a ballot available for downloading at: Paper Ballot

If you know of someone that cannot vote using the on-line tool, you may want to print out a ballot for them.

It is critical that the voter put their name legibly on the ballot, because that is the only way he can validate the legitimacy of the submitted ballot.

If a legible name does not appear, or if the submitted name does not appear in our member tracking system as a regular (SS) member, the ballot must be discarded.

This completed ballot must then be mailed to the National Election master, who will enter the information into the online voting system for the voter. (The system only allows one ballot per member, whatever the source)

John Peters Election Master
P.O. BOX 2911
AIEA, HI 96701- 8411

The ballot will appear in the next issue of American Submariner. This will be in time sufficient for them to submit their vote prior to the August 24, 2010 closing date of the election.

The candidate statements and proposed amendments were also printed in the 2010 Issue #2 of American Submariner magazine.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Binnacle List: Schell Harmon

Jay Davis sent out a message to let us know that Seattle Base member Schell Harmon is recovering from a TIA stroke.

Forwarded Message:
Schell is now home from the hospital where he was treated for a TIA stroke. A large blockage was removed from his carotid artery. He has no paralysis but is suffering from a severe numbness down one side of his body. The doctors say that the numbness will gradually go away. In the meantime he cannot drive and is uncomfortable. He can take short calls but I would like to encourage cards as an alternative.

Schell needs to know that he has our love and support at this time.

USSVI National Elections

USSVI National Online Voting

The 2010 USSVI National Elections online voting started on Saturday June 5th, 2010 and will end on August 24th, 2010 at midnight. You may need to sign in to the USSVI website to access some of the options below.

You can get the 2010 Online Voting Directions on the USSVI website at: Online Voting Instructions

The 2010 Online Ballot is located at: Online Ballot

The online ballot also includes links to candidate statements and proposed amendments. The candidate statements and proposed amendments were also printed in the 2010 Issue #2 of American Submariner magazine.

If you would prefer to mail in a ballot, you can get a ballot at: Paper Ballot

Below are links to the candidate statements of our three shipmates running for National Commander. Please give them your widest possible distribution within your base, and read them over carefully.

All three are good men, all retired USN, with the best interests of USSVI at heart, and their approaches to National Leadership and the future direction of USSVI are somewhat different. Our national organization no longer is a small sub-club and it needs experienced business oriented leadership on the board if we are to insure our survival as an organization for the future submariners of the US Navy so that USSVI can continue to carry out its memorial and fraternal purposes.

So read carefully, ask your questions of the candidates if you have any, then vote using your best judgment.

Michael Bircumshaw

John Carcioppolo

Carl Schmidt

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

The weather only halfway cooperated for the Memorial Day observance at Tahoma National Cemetery. It rained steadily during most of the day, but finally let up about two-thirds the way through the service and held off long enough for us to get a picture by the USSVI plaque at the cemetery.

I also wanted to share the Memorial Day Message from USSVI National Commander Pat Householder.

Remembering on Memorial Day...

Arlington National Cemetery is the centerpiece of our national cemetery system, but it is only one of 141 others around the country and 24 more located in other countries.

Over three million men and women are interred in these hallowed grounds; Across the years, those who fought and died for our freedoms as well as those who served and survived to help build a better America lie here and give silent testimony to the faithfulness of their service.

And there are the others, who disappeared from the battlefield without trace, or were swallowed up by the unforgiving seas.
In particular, we remember the brave young men who went to war in Submarines and laid their lives on the altar of freedom in steel hulls now forever on eternal patrol.

All of these brave young souls deserve to be honored and remembered for their sacrifices; over 1.5 million of them in battle and another 1.5 million as veterans, all of whom left the comforts of home to endure hardship and danger to insure our freedoms.

Those who did not serve will never know the feeling of pride that comes from having honorably served our Nation to preserve the greatest constitutional republic that has ever existed.

We veterans can take solemn pride in knowing that we 'earned' our citizenship. We understand the meaning of sacrifice for a cause larger than our own personal lives.
On this Memorial Day week-end, remember to give thanks to each other, to all those brave young men and women currently serving, and pay homage to the men and women who are now silent sentinels in hallowed ground throughout the world.

No nation has ever been better served than by the men of the United States Submarine Service and the warriors of the United States military services.

I am proud to be your shipmate and I salute you for your selfless service to the United States of America.

Patrick Householder
National Commander 2008-2010