Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End Wrap-up

While I'm putting the finishing touches on the January-February newsletter, I thought I'd post a couple follow-ups for the end of the year.

First off is a link to an Everett Herald article about Fred Ensslin, World War II veteran and Seattle Base member. The article originally appeared in the Veteran's Day edition of the paper, but I'm sure most of us didn't get a chance to see it then.
Fred Ensslin: now and then
I also wanted to post the link to the PDF file version of Bill and Wes Hogan's Bonefish scrapbook. This is the same scrapbook that was shown at our November meeting. You can find the scrapbook as one file or broken into separate chapters on the USSVI Bonefish Base website on the History page. The links to the PDF files are about half-way down the page. Our thanks go out to the Hogan's for sharing this with us.
The Bonefish Memorial plaque at Navy Base Kitsap

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Follow-up on Tahoma National Cemetery Vandalism


Here is a short follow-up to the November 30 story about the vandalism at the Tahoma National Cemetery. You might recall that the USSVI Memorial was untouched, but the WWII Plaque was removed from its base. The following statement was released by Tahoma National Cemetery on December 27:

The Tahoma National Cemetery Support Group is accepting donations for the replacement of the stolen memorial plaques, removed on November 27, 2010. The cost to replace these plaques will run into several thousands of dollars.

If you would like to help out, checks can be made out to:
     Tahoma National Cemetery Support Group
     18600 SE 240th Street
     Kent, Washington 98042

The funds will be utilized to replace the 11 stolen plaques, to repair the three damaged plaques, and to provide maintenance in the future. Tahoma National Cemetery Support Group is a non-profit organization which is comprised of over 200 volunteers.

More Luncheon Photos

Here are some photos that Ric Hedman took at the luncheon. I was a little delayed in getting them up. I hope you enjoy them.
Ric by the fireplace
Jim Harper with guest Karen
Ted Taylor and Robbie Robertson
Tom Rice and Teri Robertson
Ervin Schmidt and Lynda Shelton
Dick 'Shorty' Shelton
Cliff Nutter selling bar scrip
Fred Ensslin
Anna Stevens, Judy Watson, and Karen
Part of the Memorabilia Table
Some of the 'back when' photos
Bob Vanderway, Don Dufour, and Karl 'Dutch' Krompholz

Rachel Dufour and Peggy Vanderway
Doug Abramson and Charlie Ryan
Carol Ulmer, Don Ulmer, and Andrea Geisler
Don Ulmer and Keith Watson
More photos from the memorabilia table
Miri, Jay, and Debbie Davis
Another view of the memorabilia table
The Bonefish model and some more photos
A few more photos
Doug and Connie Abramson and Barbara Krompholz
Jim Harper and Tim Floersch
Tina and Bill Godfrey and Amy Wade
Panning around the dining room, photo 1
Panning photo 2
Panning photo 3
Panning photo 4
Adm Horton and Lei-Lah Smith and guest
Ervin Schmidt, Andrea Geisler, and Fred Ensslin

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Luncheon Photos

On Saturday, December 18th, World War II submarine veterans, USSVI submarine veterans, family, and guests convened at the Seattle Yacht Club for the Lockwood Chapter Submarine Veterans of World War II and Seattle Base United States Submarine Veterans Inc.’s Joint Holiday Luncheon.

The day began in the Ward Room, overlooking the yacht basin and Portage Bay, where we were able to peruse some submarine memorabilia and numerous photos Seattle Base and Lockwood Chapter members brought from their days in the Navy.

After the social time we moved to the club’s Fireside Room for lunch and the main program, which included the presentation of the Shipmate of the Year Award to our COB Ted Taylor. The day concluded with Lei-Lah Smith’s piano renditions of the Navy Hymn and God Bless America.

It was another fine event coordinated by our favorite NQP, Charlie Ryan. A special Bravo Zulu and our thanks go out to Charlie for his work on this and all the past luncheons and thanks to USSVI shipmate Doug Abramson and wife Connie who provided corsages for the ladies.

Here are some photos from the event. I'm sorry if I missed getting a picture of you at the event (a few just didn't turn out), but if you have photos you would like to share, e-mail them to me and I will add them to the blog.

Schell Harmon and Eric Muller at the memorabilia table
Debbie, Miri, and Jay Davis
Josie and Fred Ensslin
Sandra, Dick 'Shorty' Shelton, and Ed
Lynda and Steve Shelton
Connie & Doug Abramson, Karl 'Dutch" & Barbara Krompholz
Ron Alfonso and Pat Mitchell
Dorothy Holman, Carol Swackhammer, and Sandra
Ben and Doris Harrison
Lola and Tom Rice
Jean and Tom Gibbs
Tina and Bill Godfrey
Linda and Karl Peterson
Dave Schueler, Diane & Bill Giese, Bob Opple, Tim Floersch, Connie & Doug Abramson
Rachel &; Don Dufour, Barbara Davis, Peggy & Bob Vanderway, Jim Davis, Karl & Linda Peterson
Jean McNamara, Ralph Sterley, Tina & Bill Godfrey, Carol & Don Ulmer, Lois Mezek, Sam Ronnie
Jim Harper with guest Karen
Terri and Robbie Robertson with daughters Amy Wade and Sue Greenfeld
Terri & Robbie Robertson, Amy Wade, Sue Greenfeld, Sandra, Dick 'Shorty' Shelton, Ed
Ric Hedman and Anna Stevens
Cliff Nutter, Lynda Shelton, Adm Horton & Lei-Lah Smith
Robbie Robertson and Charlie Ryan
Ted Taylor being presented with the 'Shipmate of the Year' Award by Base Commander Keith Watson
Lei-Lah Smith provides the piano music, with microphone assistance from Steve Shelton